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Managing Your Child’s Use of Technology

We would like to share the following resources to assist parents in navigating the digital world with their children.  The Common Sense Media site offers a wealth of information.  The PowerPoint, “Managing Our Children’s Technology and Social Media Use” was presented to parents in November 2018 by a TES parent and cyber security expert, Will Robinson.  We have also added numerous “Tip Sheets” to provide quick tips regarding children’s technology use.  We hope parents find these resources helpful!

Common Sense Media

Managing our Children’s Technology and Social Media Use

Assitive Technology Tip Sheet

Video Games Tip Sheet

Cyberbullying Tip Sheet

Digital Drama Tip Sheet

Digital Footprints and Photo Sharing Tip Sheet

Digital Footprints Tip Sheet

Distraction Multitasking Time Management Tip Sheet

Screentime Tip Sheet

Selfie Culture Tip Sheet

Kids as Coders Tip Sheet

Privacy Surveillance Self-Disclosure Tip Sheet