About Us

Welcome to
Tuckahoe Elementary School
“Home of the Tuckahoe Indians”

Henrico County Public Schools
Tuckahoe Division


Tuckahoe Elementary School, located in the Tuckahoe Division, opened in 1947.The word “Tuckahoe,” an Algonquin Indian word meaning “edible root,” was originally spelled tockawhougha. From New Jersey to Maryland, the Indians dug and fed upon these Tuckahoes and frequently named the creeks and rivers on whose banks they were found “Tuckahoe.” Thus, there is the Tuckahoe River in New Jersey, a Tuckahoe Creek in Maryland, and the Tuckahoe Creek which is the western boundary of Henrico County.

School Motto 

At Tuckahoe, I do my best every day.

I listen, I follow directions, I work hard.

I am honest.

I respect myself, others, and the environment.

What I do today does make a difference.

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