TES Summer Reading Challenge

The importance of reading during the summer cannot be overstated. The ‘summer slide’ is the tendency for students to lose some of the reading achievement gains they made during the previous school year. Reading just 4 to 6 books over the summer can prevent a decline in reading achievement. Our Tuckahoe Library school goal is for students to read 20 minutes every day. Students should read what they want! When children select reading materials themselves and read for enjoyment, they receive the most gains in reading achievement, including better comprehension, writing style, vocabulary, spelling, and grammatical development. Children tend to read more when adults in their lives encourage them to read, and also when they see those adults reading themselves. Here are the flyers for more information on the summer reading challenge and how your student can receive a prize and recognition from the library for completing the challenge.

K-5 Summer Reading 2021

Rising 6th grade MS Summer Reading 2021